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Accuracy-Data quality counts in Analytics

The use of analytics in business is vast, with most companies using them in some capacity. Deloitte ran a survey which revealed:

  • 10% said it helps improve customer relationships
  • 49% said it helps them make better decisions
  • 16% said it enables key strategic initiatives

It’s worth remembering however that before data is analysed, the quality of that data should be checked as it is often questionable. Poor quality data can impact on areas of business performance such as-marketing that does not work, increased spending and poor decision making. Therefore, improving data quality should be a priority for all businesses.

Generally, data is considered high quality if the information is:

  1. Accurate
  2. Fits the intended purpose of its use
  3. Not duplicated

So before using an analytical tool, check your data quality first.

What analytical tool do you use?

Always request a demo of any platform you are considering. You need to get a ‘hands on’ feel of what the dashboard looks like, how it works, how it can help your business and if it can be used easily by your team. You want to ensure the product feels right for you and a demo is the only way to get that ‘hands on’ feeling. Analytics have changed a lot in recent years and are now accessible to all sizes of business. But to get maximum results, companies need to know how to improve the quality of their data and properly utilise the technology. Those who are able to do this will have an advantage over their competition

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