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An important A.I.D for your business

Analytics, Insights and Data are what we like to call an AID to businesses. These are the three key elements that help deliver a better understanding of your customers, potential customers, and the actions they are or are not taking.

But in order for AID’s to help your business you can’t have one without the other.

We now have access to so much more data than ever before. As businesses collect user data from so many channels including web browsing, emails and apps, big data is now the new norm. But despite the ever-increasing volumes of data, without the use of analytics data is useless. Analytics make sense of your data and reveal the actions your data has or has not taken.

The true value of data and analytics is the rich insights they deliver. You may have multiple data points, but unless you can organise and digest the data so it allows you to view valuable insights it’s worthless.

Insights are the ‘light bulb’ moments when data and analytics come together and allow you to see what’s really going on with your business.

Data is what you need to do analytics
Information is what you need to do business-NEO gives you both

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