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Using data to help combat Covid-19

Google have found a smart and helpful way to use data by creating this new website which shows the change in people’s movements since the start of the Covid19 worldwide lockdowns have been in place. Using the location data collected from billions of smartphones, the reports show how busy a certain location is but do not identify individuals. Google said the data should be able to help public health officials make better decisions while managing the coronavirus pandemic such as: Understanding changes in essential trips could shape recommendations on business hours, or inform delivery service offerings.

According to the COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports website, the change in percentage in each report is a comparison between the most up to date data, retrieved between 48 and 72 hours ago, and an average over five weeks between Jan. 3 and Feb. 6.

The data is currently available for 131 countries but Google have said. ‘Given the urgent need for this information, where possible we will also provide insights at the regional level. In the coming weeks, we will work to add additional countries and regions to ensure these reports remain helpful to public health officials across the globe looking to protect people from the spread of COVID-19.

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